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drink to the revolution!

So I should have posted this on July 4th, but I didn’t.  But let’s continue the revolutionary spirit anyway with, well, spirits! David Lay – born in Virginia in 1740[1] … Continue reading

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slavery as a gift

Slavery is a pernicious institution, but it has been relatively common throughout history across the globe.  Something we don’t hear about very often is the white slaves in colonial America.  … Continue reading

2 January 14 · 1 Comment

so what happened to him?

Doing research in the Virginia Room of the Fairfax County Library, I came across a letter addressed to “E. L. Bates, near Occoquan, Virginia.”  But the part of the letter … Continue reading

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noggin to the rescue!

The church ledger raised many questions, but I really wanted to know who Ann’s parents were. There is not a whole lot of documentation from the turn of the century … Continue reading

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keepin’ it cool back in the day

Summer is in full swing and it’s freakin’ hot.  I’m a California girl – this humidity in the Commonwealth of Virginia is stifling.  Give me desert heat any day.  As … Continue reading

25 June 13 · 1 Comment




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