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can’t find your American Indian line in the Rolls? might be a good reason…

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the lectures, classes, and studies I’ve done. Whatever it is, it has caused me great frustration in searching out American Indian families. But now … Continue reading

3 June 14 · 7 Comments

when to leave the dead alone

Everyone has dead-ends in their family tree.  Since starting my genealogy, those dead ends are much, much farther back in time than they used to be. But is there a … Continue reading

25 February 14 · 1 Comment

noggin to the rescue!

The church ledger raised many questions, but I really wanted to know who Ann’s parents were. There is not a whole lot of documentation from the turn of the century … Continue reading

30 July 13 · Leave a comment

so close yet so far away

Where in the world did John Hussle of Saginaw, Michigan come from? Census and other records over the years gave a different country nearly every time. And it turns out … Continue reading

16 July 13 · 1 Comment

daddy issues

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that the entire team under Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has serious daddy issues.  Tim – his dad is a Navy … Continue reading

12 June 13 · 1 Comment

women and chain saws

My family had an accidental solution to the age-old chain saw problem.  Four names. Women give birth to the next generation.  We love them.  Researchers often ARE them.  But darn … Continue reading

28 May 13 · Leave a comment



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