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why family history matters for your children

Knowing family history is the strongest predictor of children and adolescents’ ability to successfully handle troubling, stressful, or trying circumstances!  Studies conducted at Emory University have demonstrated that children with … Continue reading

27 August 14 · 3 Comments

from the other side

If you talk with any genealogist – amateur or professional – for a length of time, you will start to hear some…interesting tales.  Not just the tales of their ancestors, … Continue reading

18 June 13 · 3 Comments

art imitates life

Another genealogy-themed TV show is born!  We loved Who Do You Think You Are as it dug into the lineage of celebrities taking us to Italy, France, Ireland, Kentucky and … Continue reading

15 May 13 · Leave a comment

surfing for surnames

I recently had a baby. To me, picking a name is intense – you could be giving your child a complex by choosing something too common or too unique!  Like … Continue reading

14 May 13 · 1 Comment

Myths and Mythstakes – Part 1

The young man was out farther than was safe…but he either didn’t know or didn’t care. He was captured by Cherokee Indians that day in 1790. He married a Cherokee … Continue reading

30 April 13 · 3 Comments

are you royalty?

Did you know that roughly 30% of Americans of Western European ethnicity are descended from the kings and queens of Europe?  How can that be?  I’ll tell you!  The rules … Continue reading

27 April 13 · 1 Comment

a poor Scottish lad

Some kids grew up hearing about their parents having to walk barefoot in the snow uphill both ways to school every day.  I grew up hearing how my father was … Continue reading

27 April 13 · Leave a comment




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