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drink to the revolution!

So I should have posted this on July 4th, but I didn’t.  But let’s continue the revolutionary spirit anyway with, well, spirits! David Lay – born in Virginia in 1740[1] … Continue reading

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my revolution in historical affairs

I dutifully learned all the names and dates and places that one should in social science and history classes, passed the AP tests, and promptly forgot it all.  Why?  Because … Continue reading

14 January 14 · 1 Comment

Myths and Mythstakes – the family

In one of my clients’ cases, the grandmother lived with her son, his wife and their 9 children in Russia long before she was incapable of supporting herself.  In fact, … Continue reading

24 September 13 · 1 Comment

how much is that?

The tourists leave DC around the time school starts, which means that going downtown on a Saturday becomes something doable again for those of us living here.  It’s quite impressive … Continue reading

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settling a crossroads

Saginaw, Michigan. Not a place I had ever really heard of before I took genealogy clients.  But interestingly enough, the lineage of several different and unrelated clients passed through this … Continue reading

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My 3-year-old son for weeks after his birthday would attribute any special treat or fun thing to “beCAUUUUSE it’s my birthday!”  So I taught him about un-birthdays. Except he says … Continue reading

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historical oddities

While getting ready for bedtime, my friend’s 2-year-old got away from him and somehow peed on the laptop.  They were hoping they could stick the laptop in rice to absorb … Continue reading

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keepin’ it cool back in the day

Summer is in full swing and it’s freakin’ hot.  I’m a California girl – this humidity in the Commonwealth of Virginia is stifling.  Give me desert heat any day.  As … Continue reading

25 June 13 · 1 Comment

a very different kind of pedigree

It was not my usual ancestry quest.  All my client remembered about her grandfather was that when she visited as a small child, there were horses nearby.  Her question: What … Continue reading

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