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Myths and Mythstakes – the family

In one of my clients’ cases, the grandmother lived with her son, his wife and their 9 children in Russia long before she was incapable of supporting herself.  In fact, … Continue reading

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free genealogy!

Genealogy might be the only discipline/industry that puts effort into making things free for people.  In fact, here are some awesome FREE ways to learn more about genealogy and do … Continue reading

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Family History 101 – Recording Information

Finally going through that trunk grandma left you?  Trying to start your own family research?  These basics will help prevent problems as you start. Names Always use maiden names for … Continue reading

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seeming and being – an adoption story

My client had identified her father’s birth parents.  She realized that she grew up only one county away from biological relatives, so she asked me to find out how she’s … Continue reading

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how much is that?

The tourists leave DC around the time school starts, which means that going downtown on a Saturday becomes something doable again for those of us living here.  It’s quite impressive … Continue reading

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so what happened to him?

Doing research in the Virginia Room of the Fairfax County Library, I came across a letter addressed to “E. L. Bates, near Occoquan, Virginia.”  But the part of the letter … Continue reading

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settling a crossroads

Saginaw, Michigan. Not a place I had ever really heard of before I took genealogy clients.  But interestingly enough, the lineage of several different and unrelated clients passed through this … Continue reading

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My 3-year-old son for weeks after his birthday would attribute any special treat or fun thing to “beCAUUUUSE it’s my birthday!”  So I taught him about un-birthdays. Except he says … Continue reading

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noggin to the rescue!

The church ledger raised many questions, but I really wanted to know who Ann’s parents were. There is not a whole lot of documentation from the turn of the century … Continue reading

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