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stumbled upon a great secret

My great-uncle passed away a few weeks ago.  He and I had bonded over my budding teenage interest in HAM radio – a connection to the rest of the world … Continue reading

8 April 14 · 1 Comment

when to leave the dead alone

Everyone has dead-ends in their family tree.  Since starting my genealogy, those dead ends are much, much farther back in time than they used to be. But is there a … Continue reading

25 February 14 · 1 Comment

resource – american migration

I recently moved to a new town and now, ashamed but on time, I live and die by the GPS and maps on my phone. Our ancestors navigated by landmarks … Continue reading

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not a researcher? index!

Cursed with a terminal case of curiosity and a demand for precision, I am a researcher through and through.  But many aren’t.  If you are not a researcher, but like … Continue reading

22 January 14 · 1 Comment

my revolution in historical affairs

I dutifully learned all the names and dates and places that one should in social science and history classes, passed the AP tests, and promptly forgot it all.  Why?  Because … Continue reading

14 January 14 · 1 Comment

interrogation does lead to discovery!

My parents came to visit our family for Christmas, and I took the opportunity to ply my dad with cookies in order to get family stories from him.  I specifically … Continue reading

7 January 14 · 1 Comment

slavery as a gift

Slavery is a pernicious institution, but it has been relatively common throughout history across the globe.  Something we don’t hear about very often is the white slaves in colonial America.  … Continue reading

2 January 14 · 1 Comment

friday the 13th!

Just before dawn on Friday 13 October 1307, troops under the order of King Philip IV of France  “descended on every Templar commandery over an area of 150,000 square miles … Continue reading

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it’s a family kinda time

Ah, the holidays.  The sweet smell of pecan pie, pumpkin bread, cinnamon rolls.  Glittering lights, family traditions. And then the chaos starts. Predictably. Every year. My brother just made a … Continue reading

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