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Jamestown ancestors, here we come!

It was really quite a long time ago when Jamestown, Virginia was founded – more than 400 years!  That’s cool and all, but my family isn’t English, you say.  Guess … Continue reading

24 January 18 · Leave a comment

new tools for LDS researchers

FamilySearch fan chart is easier than ever! Login Click the fan icon LDS Church members are now eligible for free subscriptions to FamilySearch partners! The partners are: – British … Continue reading

4 September 14 · Leave a comment

little secrets about Scandinavian research

Are you familiar with patronyimic naming?  It’s when the father’s first name becomes part of the child’s last name, so the surname changes with each new generation. For example, Olaf … Continue reading

5 August 14 · 2 Comments

can’t find your American Indian line in the Rolls? might be a good reason…

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the lectures, classes, and studies I’ve done. Whatever it is, it has caused me great frustration in searching out American Indian families. But now … Continue reading

3 June 14 · 7 Comments

stumbled upon a great secret

My great-uncle passed away a few weeks ago.  He and I had bonded over my budding teenage interest in HAM radio – a connection to the rest of the world … Continue reading

8 April 14 · 1 Comment

when to leave the dead alone

Everyone has dead-ends in their family tree.  Since starting my genealogy, those dead ends are much, much farther back in time than they used to be. But is there a … Continue reading

25 February 14 · 1 Comment

resource – american migration

I recently moved to a new town and now, ashamed but on time, I live and die by the GPS and maps on my phone. Our ancestors navigated by landmarks … Continue reading

12 February 14 · Leave a comment

not a researcher? index!

Cursed with a terminal case of curiosity and a demand for precision, I am a researcher through and through.  But many aren’t.  If you are not a researcher, but like … Continue reading

22 January 14 · 1 Comment

slavery as a gift

Slavery is a pernicious institution, but it has been relatively common throughout history across the globe.  Something we don’t hear about very often is the white slaves in colonial America.  … Continue reading

2 January 14 · 1 Comment



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