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Jamestown ancestors, here we come!

It was really quite a long time ago when Jamestown, Virginia was founded – more than 400 years!  That’s cool and all, but my family isn’t English, you say.  Guess … Continue reading

24 January 18 · Leave a comment

not a researcher? index!

Cursed with a terminal case of curiosity and a demand for precision, I am a researcher through and through.  But many aren’t.  If you are not a researcher, but like … Continue reading

22 January 14 · 1 Comment

slavery as a gift

Slavery is a pernicious institution, but it has been relatively common throughout history across the globe.  Something we don’t hear about very often is the white slaves in colonial America.  … Continue reading

2 January 14 · 1 Comment

Myths and Mythstakes – back to Adam

Have you ever started to talk with someone about their family history and they enthusiastically report that their grandmother traced their family back to Adam?  Sigh.  I have, too.  If … Continue reading

1 October 13 · 1 Comment

free genealogy!

Genealogy might be the only discipline/industry that puts effort into making things free for people.  In fact, here are some awesome FREE ways to learn more about genealogy and do … Continue reading

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so what happened to him?

Doing research in the Virginia Room of the Fairfax County Library, I came across a letter addressed to “E. L. Bates, near Occoquan, Virginia.”  But the part of the letter … Continue reading

20 August 13 · Leave a comment

noggin to the rescue!

The church ledger raised many questions, but I really wanted to know who Ann’s parents were. There is not a whole lot of documentation from the turn of the century … Continue reading

30 July 13 · Leave a comment

women and chain saws

My family had an accidental solution to the age-old chain saw problem.  Four names. Women give birth to the next generation.  We love them.  Researchers often ARE them.  But darn … Continue reading

28 May 13 · Leave a comment

mawwiage is what bwings us togetha today

How many times can marriage be, in the immortal words of the priest in The Princess Bride, “that dweam wiffin a dweam”? This question went through my head when doing … Continue reading

7 May 13 · 2 Comments




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