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Jamestown ancestors, here we come!

It was really quite a long time ago when Jamestown, Virginia was founded – more than 400 years!  That’s cool and all, but my family isn’t English, you say.  Guess what – a lot of the early Jamestown colonists weren’t either!  colonials

Say what?!

That’s right, early Jamestown was MUCH more diverse than we usually think.  There were at least 12 individuals of African descent in Jamestown, and two of them were known to be free men.  Four residents were Italian, three were Quaker, 8 “Dutchmen and Poles” came in the Second Supply, and up to four additional Poles may have come around 1619 when the Virginia Company decided the Poles should be made free and provided with apprentices for their glassmaking.  One of the company investors, who also lived in Jamestown, was commonly known as “the Persian!” Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of assuming they all came from Western Europe or were Native Americans!

I just finished giving a webinar on this fascinating topic – and you’ll not only learn about some surprising things related to Jamestown, but a lot of sources to help you discover your Jamestown ancestors!  Including some that were buried underground.  Check it out!


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