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new tools for LDS researchers

FamilySearch fan chart is easier than ever!

FamilySearch's fan chart shows up to 6 generations - the primary person, their children, and then 4 ancestor generations.

FamilySearch’s fan chart shows up to 6 generations – the primary person, their children, and then 4 ancestor generations.

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  • Click the fan icon

LDS Church members are now eligible for free subscriptions to FamilySearch partners! The partners are:

  1. – British Commonwealth + US
  2. MyHeritage – small, but some unique records sets
  3. Ancestry – largest online records repository worldwide, 99% available through the LDS subscriptions

These are still available to others through the FamilySearch Centers, which are open to the public worldwide at no charge and located at selected LDS church buildings.  (Find your nearest FamilySearch Center here.)

Every LDS church member should receive email invitation by end of October. If you haven’t received it, update your email address and make sure it’s not private in your LDSaccount and/or account. You can also request access at  You must be a member of the LDS church and be 18 or older.

Enhanced Functionality with

This is pretty cool – they’ve made it so you can import information on ancestors back and forth between your family tree and the big can-be-changed-by-anyone-in-the-world FamilySearch FamilyTree.  This allows you to keep your work focused without others changing information, while still being able to contribute and benefit from the wiki-family tree. Specific things you can do are:

  • import 4 generations from FamilySearch to Ancestry
  • use the shaky leaf
  • access to mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices
  • view and access LDS ordinance information

With so much at your fingertips…it’s getting harder to come up with excuses!  So type away and find those elusive ancestors – and let us know what you think of the new capabilities in the comments section!



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