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I recently moved to a new town and now, ashamed but on time, I live and die by the GPS and maps on my phone. Our ancestors navigated by landmarks and the stars and sun.  (Go west! But I’m blinded in the afternoon…)  Which made me think that I should share my favorite map resources with anyone who cares to read my little blog. Hopefully, they will help you navigate the genealogical path you tread.

Map Guide to American MigrationSo, for this month it is William Dollarhide’s Map Guide to American Migration 1735-1815.  I love maps! I’m even taking a Penn State course on how to make maps this spring. Not only is this book filled with very helpful maps – and a very helpful index, too! – but Mr. Dollarhide also explains how and why the travel routes developed the way they did. The topic may be dry, but his writing style and colorful characters thrown in (but oh-so-relevant to the topic) make this about as interesting as it can be.  And as any genealogist knows, knowing the routes people took is vital to knowing where to look for their records.  Or to be able to determine John Smith is two different John Smiths from a wacky migration pattern.  It was kind of a kick reading, too, because I spent a lot of time in the East, so recognized many of the places he talks about as “oh, that’s where my aunt lives…I rafted there!…even now that’s a cruddy drive…”

Mr. Dollarhide, I and many others thank you for this great resource!


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