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interrogation does lead to discovery!

My parents came to visit our family for Christmas, and I took the opportunity to ply my dad with cookies in order to get family stories from him.  I specifically asked him if he would tell me whatever he remembered about his grandparents.

He said he didn’t remember much, but he’d tell me what he remembered.  So I hit ‘record’ and typed up a storm as he talked, because two copies are better than one. Then I prodded his memories a little and ended up getting about 2 hours (equating to 11 pages, single-spaced) on both sets of his grandparents as well as my grandparents!

He was surprised how much I got out of him.  He shouldn’t be – we have ways of making you talk!  Mwaaahahaha!

Poppop and me 1997

I had a little bit of personal discovery, too. Dad said his father lost interest in things after a time – say a year or two or three. “There had to be some novelty to it for him to stay interested.” That hit me like a ton of bricks. Why? Because I’m the same way – if there is not a steep learning curve, I lose interest.  (Luckily for me, I’ve found genealogy. Every single person or problem is unique and challenging.)

I always felt something special about Poppop – maybe it’s because we were much more alike than I knew.


One comment on “interrogation does lead to discovery!

  1. Aunt Lorna
    11 January 14

    Thanks for sharing, Molly. That’s a sweet picture. Aunt Faye used to call him “Mr. Halfway”, because he just couldn’t see anything all the way through. Your dad said it at Pop-pop’s funeral – he was a life-long joiner. He didn’t join for long, but he joined. Ambulance driver, camping clubs, civil air patrol, Boy Scouts, church, etc. he’d buy all the shingles to redo the roof, get halfway done, then quit, leaving the shingles and tarpaper stacked in the yard for 15 years. He built the house with substandard wiring and plumbing, because that stuff was still being rationed from World War II, intending to replace it later. Do you think he ever did replace it? Me? I can wash laundry, fold laundry, sort it out. Do you think I can put it away?

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