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it’s a family kinda time

Ah, the holidays.  The sweet smell of pecan pie, pumpkin bread, cinnamon rolls.  Glittering lights, family traditions.

photo by Skeezxi1000

photo by Skeezxi1000, posted on Flickr

And then the chaos starts. Predictably. Every year.

My brother just made a joke about a rabbit losing its foot, sending my rabbit-loving Sister into hysterics.  We think she is laughing, but it turns out she is crying, and she runs from the table.   When prompted to go after her, her husband says we are crazy and she’ll find her way back – it’s not a huge house.  Brother is laughing so hard he is beginning to tilt…and there he goes – off the chair!  Dad has taken the opportunity to try and grab a 5th dinner roll, but since they are at the other end of the table, my husband had to get it for him.  And he delivers it to Dad by throwing it down the full length of the table, inspiring others at the table to start doing the same.  Mother has given up and sits quietly at the end of the table knitting socks for the babies at church.  Later, I’m sure, Brother will attempt to convince us that ravens, skeletons and other Halloween decorations really DO have an appropriate place in both Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  I bet he might even make an argument for their inclusion in Hanukkah somehow.  Dad will jump in and talk about Neanderthal winter traditions, while I hunt for the Whitmans chocolate box that Grandma always brings.

And that’s just the first night we’re all together!  Isn’t family the greatest?

What are the crazy things that happen at your family holiday gatherings?

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