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free genealogy!

Genealogy might be the only discipline/industry that puts effort into making things free for people.  In fact, here are some awesome FREE ways to learn more about genealogy and do some yourself.familysearch logo

  1. – not only does it have tons of free source documents that are digitized (meaning digital images are available), it also has a wiki that will help you learn about the places your research takes you
  2. – free pictures and indexes of cemeteries submitted by volunteers; as of this writing, it has over 104 million – yes, 104 million! – records you can search
  3. your local Family History Center – run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which has the largest genealogical holdings in the world), these centers are typically staffed by knowledgeable volunteers, many of whom also speak foreign languages and can help you decipher things
  4. contact your local county or town history center and/or library to see if they offer or know of free genealogy classes in your area.

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