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a rose by any other name…really?

Kanye West named his kid ‘North.’ Should have named him Easton – Easton West is way better! I heard of a kid in my mother’s elementary school named Smokestack and another named Robin Hood. Then we invent names by combining mom and dad’s first names – Elizaben or FayeRon.  Change boys names to girls names, and back again. Courtenay, Leslie, Jaime, Sidney.

from Okki on wikimedia commons 2007

from Okki on wikimedia commons 2007

Let’s be honest, though.  The 20th and 21st centuries hardly have a monopoly on, ummm, different names.  Lest anyone think I am poking fun at them (I’m not!), take a look at these first names from my own personal ancestors (and their families), all of whom were born in America.  (Love you guys!  When I get to the other side, let’s have a conversation, ’cause I’d really like to know what was behind your choices. Frankly, I’m grateful because finding these folks was WAY easier than finding the parents of Mary Smith and John James!)

  • Trinvilla (1871)
  • Greenville (1868) not born there, tho
  • Esbon and his sister Esbow (1646/7)
  • Freeswith (1629) purchase of $2 or more?
  • Farrell (1865)
  • Peleg (1639) Peleg the peg-leg pirate
  • Granville (1863) not born there, either
  • Vahmar (1894)
  • Minta (1880)
  • Walda (1902)
  • Larkin (1777) mom and dad were out for a lark, when…
  • Endcome and sibling Restcome (1639/41) mom and dad were tired…but had another six children after these two!

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