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parchment and gunpowder in the morning

It was a wonderful morning. Wonderful because I was going to the National Archives to pull Civil War records.

As I was walking from the parking garage (ugh, DC prices!), I noticed a plaque on The Capital Grille one block from the archives. At first I kept on walking, then I stopped and went back to see it. I am glad I did! On that spot in 1814, the Star Spangled Banner was sung in public for the first time. I had a moment of patriotic zeal rush through my veins. For the first time in 1814 – that means it wasn’t sung in public until we were in the War of 1812. It gained in popularity through the 1800s, especially during the Civil War, but was not officially designated our National Anthem until 1931! (Not all of that is on the plaque; I researched it at the Smithsonian. A lot more happened on that corner, so read the inscription below!)

the history I nearly missed

the history I nearly missed

Moral of this story. There is tons of history surrounding us if we take a few seconds to stop and smell the roses – and read the plaques! Especially on the East Coast of the U.S., there are lots of plaques everywhere. Are there any historical signs around your neighborhood that you haven’t paid attention to before? How about signs you have noticed – what has your town commemorated? Is there something that should be commemorated that isn’t yet?

Happy 4th of July to one and all!


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