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from the other side

library booksIf you talk with any genealogist – amateur or professional – for a length of time, you will start to hear some…interesting tales.  Not just the tales of their ancestors, but tales of finding their ancestors.  Or fascinating connections to them.  There really do seem to be some ancestors who want to be found or stay connected.  Here are some stories that have been shared with me (or that were me…can you guess which is which?).  Add your own stories in the comments!

  • Searching for great-grandma, I was in the library reaching for a book.  When I pulled it out, another book came with it and fell to the floor, pages open and facing the ground.  When I picked it up to put the book back on the shelf, there was information about great-grandma on the page the book had fallen on.
  • At one facility where I expected to find information on a female ancestor, the caretakers were drawing blanks with the name.  After a lengthy conversation about the facility’s records and discussion of the woman in question, I turned to leave.  With one foot out the door, I felt something stop me.  So instead I turned back and said “She was married to Richard Grey?” The caretakers nearly jumped out of their skin.  “Not THE Richard Grey!?”  I didn’t have any records of him being there, so I just shrugged.  They ran back to the records and returned with a history of the facility, and opened it to a family tree of the founder. There was my couple, sitting at the very top of it!
  • When my daughter was born, we gave her the middle name of Leigh.  We thought it was a pretty name.  Years later, my husband, who was adopted, received from his mother the file she had kept about his biological mother.  When I ordered the marriage certificate for his biological mother, I discovered that her father-in-law’s name was Leigh.

3 comments on “from the other side

  1. currentdescendent
    25 June 13

    Amazing stories!

  2. Maris
    20 June 13

    You’re the Richard Grey story.

  3. chmjr2
    18 June 13

    Sometimes I really think we are being guided by our ancestors. I enjoyed reading about your adventures.

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