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daddy issues

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that the entire team under Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has serious daddy issues.  Tim – his dad is a Navy Admiral who never had time for him.  Tony’s dad sent him off to a boarding school rather than raise him.  Ziva is scandalized and traumatized by her father but still loved him and is now dealing with his death.

DiNozzo, Ziva, Gibbs and McGee in the Season 9 episode, "Up in Smoke".

DiNozzo, Ziva, Gibbs and McGee in the Season 9 episode, “Up in Smoke”.

I have daddy issues, too.  Well, actually, I have 3rd great-granddaddy issues.  Thomas Cunningham, where are you?!  I’ve searched for you for years and years.  Don’t you love me?

With a name like that in Ireland…let’s just say it’s not unique.  Not quite as bad as John Smith, but roughly on par with David Williams.  This weekend is Father’s Day…and like the forlorn children who grew up to be Gibbs’ team members, I’m going to give it one more try at a relationship.  I’m busting out the brick wall buster – my list of more than 200 sources that might exist for any given person.

Thomas Cunningham, I won’t let you get away this time!


One comment on “daddy issues

  1. chmjr2
    12 June 13

    The like button seems not to be working today so I will just say nice post and good luck with Mr. Cunningham.

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