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a very different kind of pedigree

Arabian Colt Trotting

Arabian Colt Trotting courtesy of Ealdgyth

It was not my usual ancestry quest.  All my client remembered about her grandfather was that when she visited as a small child, there were horses nearby.  Her question: What was the deal with the horses?

Normally I’m tracing people.  Horses…now they have different documentation.  Or no documentation.  Perhaps they left hoofprints only in the hearts of their riders. But what a fun new way to stretch my brain!

So here’s what I found.  Her grandfather ran a stable in the town he lived in, and also was credited with starting an annual horse festival that became a major deal during his lifetime – as in people-traveling-from-across-the-country kind of deal.  Not only that, but he bred some Arabian horses listed as Early American Foundation (EAF) horses – those descended from purebred Arabians who were in the U.S. before 1944.  It seems that his second wife was really the horse fan, and that he either joined her in her passion for them, or they started their horse pursuit (HA!) together.

So how did your ancestors horse around?


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