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honoring our military family

I hate running and have a serious problem with authority.  Either one of those I could overcome independently; but together they pose an insurmountable challenge.  That is why I am not a U.S. Marine today, much to my father’s chagrin.  (Sorry, Dad.  You’ll have to settle for Department of Defense civilian and genealogist!)

He and my mother are both retired Marines.  And come to think of it, a lot of my family is in or has been in the military.  Today is Armed Forces Day,  (hurray for our service members!) so as a small, but heart-felt token of my pride and appreciation I’ve created a military family map of all the servicemen and women in my family.

Armed Forces DayMarines, Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors, and your families, I applaud your efforts and sacrifices for your country.  You have my support and prayers over land, air and sea.


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