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surfing for surnames

I recently had a baby. To me, picking a name is intense – you could be giving your child a complex by choosing something too common or too unique!  Like that little girl named Hashtag.  Her parents apparently were huge Twitter fans. Hubby and I also see differently regarding middle names – I like surnames from our genealogy (shocking, right?) and he likes first names.  He calls that ‘normal’; I call it a terrible bastardization of tradition.  Hubby adds that I am crazy.  Maybe, maybe.

Surnames Deeper Roots has researched to date

Surnames Deeper Roots has researched to date

Did you know that middle names started because families wanted to enhance or reaffirm a tie to another family?  So they would name their child Christopher Longfellow Asher to show the Asher family is connected to the Longfellow family – and Longfellow properties and titles.  Only the wealthy could ‘afford’ many names.  You see this still mostly in characters; one rather famous example is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.  You also see it in George Hamilton’s classic “Zorro, The Gay Blade” movie when Hamilton’s character is scoping out the newly arrived chica: “What poor woman can afford three names?  Señorita Charlotte Taylor Wilson.”

So for fun I made word cloud of the fabulous surnames I’ve researched for clients.  Perhaps you see a name from your family here?  If so, how is your person of that name related to you?


One comment on “surfing for surnames

  1. Jeyna Grace
    14 May 13

    Thats a new fact for me. I’m chinese so I dont have middle names. We arent related to anyone but our family… haha!

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