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are you royalty?

1789 by M.P.

1789 by M.P.

Did you know that roughly 30% of Americans of Western European ethnicity are descended from the kings and queens of Europe?  How can that be?  I’ll tell you!  The rules of succession and inheritance in Europe dictated that the eldest sons received the bulk of their parents’ holdings – real estate, personal estates, titles, all of it.  Unless there were major wars requiring the absence of the landed gentry, there was usually well more than one male heir in each family.

Say you were the 4th or even 6th son of a noble in, oh I don’t know, 1750.  What would you do?  Son #1 inherited your family’s everything.  Son #2 usually joined the clergy.  Son #3 might become a knight.  By the time they got to you…what do you do?  Hope that you marry well!  Or wait – there is that new place where people are hanging out called the New World.  You know, where the devil’s apple (tomato) comes from. And where there is TONS of land for you to gain.  Off they went to seek their fortunes!  And have lots and lots of descendants.

Are the nobles of Kiev, the Holy Roman Empire, England, Scotland, France, or Byzantium your ancestors?


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