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a poor Scottish lad

Some kids grew up hearing about their parents having to walk barefoot in the snow uphill both ways to school every day.  I grew up hearing how my father was just a poor Scottish lad who sold his sword arm so his children could have My Little Ponies, take school trips, and go to expensive colleges.


So when I moved to Scotland for grad school (no, Dad didn’t pay for that!), I figured I should find out where our Scottish ancestors were from.  After all, living in St Andrews gave me access to all kinds of documents I wouldn’t otherwise have.  And I was in heaven – classrooms three times as old as my country (with heating systems to match!), 150-year-old books on the shelves in the library that you could CHECK OUT AND TAKE HOME, and an ‘ancient collections’ room in the library.

My genealogical foray into my father’s lineage shot off like fireworks!  Once I made my first genealogical discovery, that was it.  I could barely fit grad school in, I was so engrossed in my hunt for my people.  (I did manage to graduate, with distinction in my dissertation, I’m proud to say.)  Dad told me to call him when I found someone named ‘Ug.’

And a few years later I realized that I wanted to help others learn about their families, too.  A few years after that, Deeper Roots was born!  Let me help you find your family – lineage, social and historical context, design a trip to travel to their stomping grounds, or help you devise a research plan.  It’s my passion and your family – you can expect great discoveries!


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