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Jamestown ancestors, here we come!

It was really quite a long time ago when Jamestown, Virginia was founded – more than 400 years!  That’s cool and all, but my family isn’t English, you say.  Guess … Continue reading

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How do you say that again?! A new reading on name spellings in early America

I came across a highly entertaining and educational record on FamilySearch this weekend.  At first I thought I was looking at some sort of record entirely in abbreviations.  Upon closer … Continue reading

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Breakthroughs for African American heritage on the way!

If you are not already with the Freedmen’s Bureau, it was an organization established to help transition former slaves to freedom following emancipation.  For ten years – 1862 to 1872 … Continue reading

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new tools for LDS researchers

FamilySearch fan chart is easier than ever! Login Click the fan icon LDS Church members are now eligible for free subscriptions to FamilySearch partners! The partners are: – British … Continue reading

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why family history matters for your children

Knowing family history is the strongest predictor of children and adolescents’ ability to successfully handle troubling, stressful, or trying circumstances!  Studies conducted at Emory University have demonstrated that children with … Continue reading

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drink to the revolution!

So I should have posted this on July 4th, but I didn’t.  But let’s continue the revolutionary spirit anyway with, well, spirits! David Lay – born in Virginia in 1740[1] … Continue reading

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little secrets about Scandinavian research

Are you familiar with patronyimic naming?  It’s when the father’s first name becomes part of the child’s last name, so the surname changes with each new generation. For example, Olaf … Continue reading

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DNA you didn’t get

DNA is a fascinating topic for genealogy, and an increasingly popular one as well.  I’m talking here about autosomal DNA – not the father-to-son (Y chromosome) or mother-to-daughter (mitochondrial) DNA … Continue reading

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can’t find your American Indian line in the Rolls? might be a good reason…

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the lectures, classes, and studies I’ve done. Whatever it is, it has caused me great frustration in searching out American Indian families. But now … Continue reading

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